Linhof 3D Micro levelling head

003660, 003662

The Linhof 3D Micro is a levelling head developed by Linhof guaranteeing extremely precise camera adjustments. It can be used for digital and analogue photography, in the studio and on location. Two levelling segments have been mounted crosswise resulting in two precise segment guides for tilt and lateral levelling thus avoiding the migration of the image when pivoting. Two rubber-coated turning knobs allow self-aligning micro movements of 12° to both sides as well as front and rear. Above the movement axis an additional panoramic plate has been added to allow accurate panoramic shots. The bottom panoramic plate allows precise positioning of the camera to the subject. All adjustments can be controlled and repeated with precise scales. The vertical positioning of the camera can be controlled with two spirit levels, an important component for architectural photography.

The 3D Micro, code 003660, is equipped with the Linhof Quickfix I permitting a “clicclac” attachment to the camera. The 3D Micro, code 003662, is available with a dovetail-track to accept the quick-change plates from Arca, Novoflex a.s.o.

The Linhof 3D Micro with dovetail-track, code 003662, now comes complete with the standard adapter plate. It is optionally also a narrow 40 mm plate for DSLR / SLR cameras or mirrorless cameras. Also recommended for Master Technika and Technorama cameras.

Linhof 3D Micro is designed for the use of precision cameras, especially the Linhof Techno, Master Technika and the Technorama systems. Also recommended for any precision camera requiring an accurate micro adjustment.


Linhof 3D Micro

Linhof 3D Micro

Teknisk information – tillbehör

3D Micro Quickfix I
Dimensions: 115x115x103 mm
Weight: 1125 g

3D Micro Dovetail
Dimensions: 115x115x93 mm
Weight: 1000 g

Angled Device Quickfix I
Dimensions: 90x90x130 mm
Weight: 505 g
Delivery without Quickfix plate.

Angled Device Dovetail
Dimensions: 90x90x120 mm
Weight: 380 g
Delivery without dovetail plate.

Delivery without Quickfix plate

Plate with Dovetail-track for 3D Micro / 3D Levelling Head II
50 mm

Plate with Dovetail-track for 3D Micro / 3D Levelling Head II
40 mm

Mini Slim Plate DT with Dovetail track

Adapter Plate Long DT with Dovetail track