Stativ Linhof Heavy Duty Pro Tripod ”Vintage“

oiled ash wood, 91 / 155 cm


The Classic Linhof Heavy Duty Pro Tripod is now presented in a „Vintage“ version and serves as a fine complement for professional large format cameras. The noble design with oiled ash wood tripod legs has the same technical characteristics as the proven Heavy Duty Pro Tripod – it is absolutely robust and stable. In transport position, the length is 91 cm, and 155 cm are extended achieved. New is the scale on the extendable tripod legs. The new tripod top plate 90 to 70 mm is available as an accessory (031477 or 032964) and completes the tripod.

If more height is required, the „Vintage“ can be completed with the Large geared centrepost (003755).

Additional accessory: tripod case without or with large centrepost (023309).

Linhof stativ heavy duty ”Vinatge”